What’s New From the Drawing Board


More than 35 years ago when I first got started as a Sporting Artist I decided to do something different to help people take notice of my work.


The answer for me was producing a series of hand colored Lithographs, by doing this, my clients would be purchasing a high quality, very low edition example of my work and getting the best value for their money. These lithographs were a huge success and allowed me to gain National recognition in but a few years.


I have once again decided to go in that direction; I never completed the series to my satisfaction so almost 36 years later I will complete the set with these final 2 images. A great many things have changed over those years and with that so has my approach to the Artwork, the last two images are both still life’s. To go along with the Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout I am adding the Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Trout the difference is that these two will be living still life’s capturing that moment just before the trophy is released back to the river.


Like the three images that came before, these new compositions will include classic fly tackle to help tell the story of our quest to capture these beautiful creatures.


Atlantic  Salmon


The edition is just 55 lithographs all hand colored by myself and first printed on 90 pound Arches hot press drawing paper, each of these take me between 12 to 14 hours to hand color, the first 25 are shadowboxed framed with a set of 5 beautifully tied  Atlantic Salmon flies created for me by John Bonasera ( known to many as Catskill John ). Also included is a color Remarque and finished off in a medium toned oak frame, the total amount of time to complete just one of these is 40 hours.  Check out my new Atlantic Salmon work in Lithographs.